Shocking Book moments

Noughts and Crosses When one of the main characters died I literally cried. This was the first time I cried over a fictional character. I was not expecting anyone to die. I actually don’t like it when characters die. What are your shocking book moments?       Advertisements

Bad Reading Habits

I have a few bad reading habits and I’ll start by telling you one. I have this habit of skipping to the end of a book, and sometimes  I’ll flick to middle and read a couple of pages. After this I go back to my current page. Crazy, right? I’ve been doing this for while, … More Bad Reading Habits

Just Write

Writing is such a special gift. With the use of a pen and paper, or now a days typing, we can  create beautiful, inspirational, emotional or unsettling pieces of work. Thousands of people can read the same book, yet the responses will be so different. For some people writing is a form of escape, somewhere … More Just Write

Exicitng times for an English student

My uni has a book club and a creative writing society. I decided to pop along to the book club taster session and it was great. Afterwards, I thought ‘ I will defiantly go to the monthly meet up’. Plus, we might even read The Great Gatsby which, if you’ve been following my blog for while you know, is my all-time favourite book. … More Exicitng times for an English student

Guess the Quote

Hi guys. The quote that was posted two weeks ago (sorry for the delay) was from Jane Austen’s Emma, which I am currently reading. I will post another quote in couple of days, so stay tuned 🙂  


Hey Guys. I know I haven’t posted in a while. It’s because I’ve just gone back to uni, and I’m  trying to get back into the swing of things. Now that I know what I am doing,I will defiantly try to post often. I am still reading Emma, but I haven’t pick it up in a … More Update