Discussion: What is Women’s Fiction?

I recently read through the agents’ section of a catalog for writers and artists. Among the different genres certain agents accepted women’s fiction. What does that really entail? Characteristics of Women’s Fiction Women’s fiction follows the life of a female protagonist. Life is visualised from a woman’s perspective, and, from the fiction that I read … More Discussion: What is Women’s Fiction?

Literary Fiction

Firstly, what is literary fiction? I understand this term as referring to a novel that deals with any kind of theme/s in a complex way, and the characters in literary fiction are like avocados because once the first layer of their personality is peeled there’s another, and then finally the author lets the reader see … More Literary Fiction

Discussion: What is realistic fiction? 

   When I think of realistic fiction my mind thinks about scenes from books such as Thomas Hardy’s Jude The Obscure, George Eliot’s Middlemarch and Virginia’s Woolf’s Miss Dalloway and its use of stream of consciousness. The books mentioned above can fit into the literary concept of realism. But what exactly is realism? I understand … More Discussion: What is realistic fiction?